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Details of Hotel Cafe Cultura, Quito, Ecuador Hotels & Resorts
Details for Hotel Cafe Cultura

Surrounding Area

Café Cultura is definitely in the right place, situated in the midst of downtown Quito, in the Mariscal sector, at the point where the modern city begins and where it all happens. What was once one of the wealthier residential sections of the city now has developed into a trendy tourist centre, where you can arrange just about any trip or adventure you may have in mind. Right outside our door you can submerge yourself in the sights, smells and sounds that make this area so rich in culture and art. We are just a few minutes away from the old city where you can see the colonial town with its narrow Spanish streets and gilded cathedrals. The shops, together with a wide range of restaurants, are within strolling distance and the Indian market just around the block saves the day for last minute bargains. Museums, theatres and art galleries abound in this part of town to keep you busy and entertained.


Café Cultura is a delightful mix of English tradition and contemporary trend. We consider ourselves an inner city retreat, with lots of personality and wonderful food. The Hotel was actually the former home of one of Quitos older families that lived here sixty years ago and subsequently became the French Cultural Centre. The building has been carefully restored over a period of four years, with special detail given to maintaining the unique characteristics of the original interior. The house, a post colonial two-storey building with whitewashed walls and a traditional terracotta tiled roof, barely seems like a hotel from the outside and certainly does not feel like one from the inside. It is surrounded by a beautiful lush garden, with secluded seating areas for relaxing or watching our resident hummingbirds do their thing.

Once inside, you will immediately be seduced by the overall atmosphere of conviviality: the perfect mix of home comfort, supported by the right level of discreet service and our own touch of eclectic culture. Indeed, while all of our rooms have individual features, some are more special than others with their own fireplaces, or perhaps a sunken bath. Our honeymoon suite boasts its own balcony- a conservatory converted into a dream-like bathroom with an antique tub.


ROOM 1 [Honeymoon suite]
The Honeymoon Suite is the most sumptuous of Café Cultura’s rooms and the most popular for honeymooners. Also known as our special suite, it boasts a number of facilities including a king sized bed, a working fireplace and its own balcony - a conservatory converted into a dream-like bathroom with an antique tub, classic yet informal. It is a bright and airy room, painted in tasteful rustic shades of red terracotta. The murals of cherubs adorning the walls were painted by the artist Manuel Araya. Iron, wood and glass objets, all produced by Quiteñan artisans, complete the decoration.

ROOM 2 [Double suite]
This suite has been charmingly decorated in the style of a Tuscan garden by the artist Ernesto Galarza. It is divided into a spectacular private entrance hall, a large and exceptionally beautiful bathroom, spacious sleeping quarters and a glass and wood balcony conservatory overlooking the garden. The bathroom is very bright. Tropical forests cover the walls in an aquamarine blue, while a magnolia tree in full blossom shows its blooms through the window. The room itself is painted with themes of dried corn and palms, with a suggestion of arches, cupids and mystery peeking through. The atmosphere is light, complimented with elements of wood, iron and glass. This was one of the original rooms in the house. Intiguingly, there used to be a secret hiding place in the space now occupied by the closet. It offers an enviable view of the garden and street in front of Café Cultura. This room has a double bed as well as a single, and thus is suitable for a small family.

This twin room takes you back in time to a peaceful place. With two single beds, it is beautifully decorated in a Venetian style, with rich golds and oranges. Arches and birds adorn the walls, creating a warm and very cosy space. The artist has made this space into one of the most original hotel rooms you will ever have the pleasure of staying in, capped by the view of our garden and the street below.

Running bulls cavorting mutely. Soft, terracotta-hued paintings. Morning sunshine streaming through the window. This twin room is an adventure in itself. It includes two single beds, and a unique, cave-like feel. The spacious bathroom is decorated in blues and greens, with unique figure drawings in the shower. It's situated on the gallery landing which circles the ground-floor reception area.

This triple room, giving on to the front garden, boasts three single beds. Running horses racing across both the walls and ceiling in light greens and golds give this room its pre-historic feel. The bathroom embraces you in an ocean of mermaids and seahorses, while the deft touches of wood, glass and ceramics complete the room perfectly.

This double room is painted in burgundy red and shows similar cave man style wall paintings as rooms 4 and 5. It is complimented with iron and glass.

This spacious and beautifully-painted room was recently redecorated by Ernesto Galarza. It features a highly innovative sea mural depicting the myth of Poseidon commanding Titan the sea dragon, with shoals of fish darting among the tranquil greens and watery blues. The window looks out towards the mountain with a capuli tree posing in front to add just a bit of tranquility. All in all, one of our most appealing rooms.

A lovely, light and airy double room, Room 8 completes the rooms on the first floor. It includes a double bed and writing desk. Painted plants climb up the orange- and yellow-hued walls to the blue ceiling, while dusky pink and green wash over the bathroom.

ROOM 9 [Honeymoon suite]
Ah, room 9. Recently renovated, this stunningly-decorated suite incorporates many of the features of the building's original design. Painted frescoes adorn the old, imposing and wide walls, redolent with the memories of a Spanish colonial mansion. A beautiful antique bath tub dominates the en-suite bathroom, while the main room boasts a king size bed and a comfy leather sofa. The picture is completed by the three large windows which overlook our private garden. This is the most secluded part of the garden: a haven of peace and sunshine where you can relax to your heart's content after a long day of adventure.

ROOM 10 [Junior suite]
This all about warmth. In the ground-floor Room 10, you'll find it in abundance. The main bedroom swirls in greens, yellows and beige, with period furniture of dark, handsome wood. Terracotta bathes the en-suite bathroom. A wood and glass conservatory with comfortable seating makes a private half-way house between the living space and the garden beyond. On a sunny day, with the door ajar, a breeze blowing, it's possibly one of the best spaces in the entire hotel, bathed in sunlight in the early afternoon. If the weather happens to turn inclement, you can retreat back to the bedroom, where a lovely fireplace awaits to chase the chill.

This room is full of life and originality. Painted plants, fruits and flitting birds adorn the yellow, light brown and orange walls. The window looks out onto the garden. The bathroom is decorated accordingly, in green, with exquisite, tiny white birds and flowers. A sofa and writing table complete the room. This room has both a double and a single bed, perfect for a small family.

Painted in a dusky rose which borders on a terracotta red and with cave style wall paintings, this double room boasts a green bathroom decorated with darker green plants and flowers and an exquisitely hand-painted closet.

Another double room painted in aquamarine greens and blues with a terracotta bathroom and painted plants on the walls. The main feature of this room is the exquisitely hand painted closet space.

A twin room offering two single beds, this room is decorated for the main part in greens with plants and birds making a border around the top part of the walls and a peach-orange bathroom with the same border of plants and birds.

One of the favorite rooms amongst our guests. The room is Italian in style, with a scene in yellow with trees and columns on the walls, surrounded by beautiful birds. The suite features a double bed and a luxurious sunken bath in the large and spacious bathroom. A small seating area was recently added to the room, perfect for a cosy comfortable read or chat.

ROOM 16 [Family suite]
Perfect for a party of four or family, this family suite features two rooms with a dividing wall between the two, single beds in one part and a double in the other. Decorated in orange-beige with a fruit theme, it features handsome painted trees, and colorful plants, fruit and birds, ornamented with dried flowers hung from the walls. At the entrance to the suite, our Nispero tree and conservatory provide a lovely shaded and secluded spot with its own furniture.

ROOM 17 [Junior suite]
Our romantic suite offers a double bed, writing table and private living area, all designed to integrate the garden and the suite into one space. The room is painted almost entirely in oranges and yellows, while one of the walls has been paneled in wood to add extra warmth to the environment. Situated at the back of the hotel, this is probably one of the hotel's most private rooms, beautiful windows overlooking the garden and our resident peacocks and other birds. This suite also has its own garden furniture where you can enjoy one of our famous breakfasts.

ROOM 18 [Attic suite]
This big, spacious loft-type suite is unique in many ways. It features a double and a single bed allowing a party of three or a small family to stay comfortably here. Under its high windows and wooden beams, it includes a desk area and its own private sitting room. In the art nouveau bathroom, blues and greens, with small flower and leaf details, wash over the walls, dried rose petals scattered all around the antique bathtub - the perfect place to soak, and float away under the eaves to the colonial days of the Land of Cinnamon.

The blue and green theme of this floor is continued here in Room 19, with the addition of large flowers painted liberally around the room. It has a matching bathroom and a double bed.

Again decorated in blues and greens, with flowers and plants on the walls, this cosy room offers a double bed and a small area with a glass writing table.

This room is located at the end of the corridor on this floor. Fruit and flowers cover the now familiar blue and green background, while the window affords views of Quito's imposing volcano, Pichincha. This double room is warm and romantic.

A twin room with two single beds. Another light room with paintings of fruit and plants over a blue and green background. This room looks out at and up to the beautiful Pichincha volcano that towers over Quito.

This room has a double and a single bed. Very similar to room 22, it's another light room with paintings of fruit and plants over a blue and green background.

Another of our larger and more spacious rooms, this light room, with little details of fruit and plants over a blue and green background, features a double and single bed.

This is an unusual and original rustic style room, offering one king size bed and one single bed. The feature of this room is not the soft landscape, nor the painted branches which seemingly fall down through the roof, nor the flowers growing up from the floor. The unique feature is the real live Capuli tree which grows up through the middle of the room, complimenting in every way the room's decor. To access this original concept you cross our pristine garden full of colourful life into the private wooden decked sitting area shared with room 26. Surely you and your family will enjoy having breakfast here as our resident hummingbirds fly by. Together with room 26 this would be the perfect space for a large family or a party of friends.

The decor of this twin room lends it a lush, tropical feel. A real palm tree climbs one of the walls, complimented by pale-washed mountains, waterfalls and palm trees which fade to somewhere in the distance. This is an unusual and original room, offering two single beds. It overloooks our pristine and impeccable garden full of colour, and includes a private wooden decked sitting area shared with room 25. Having breakfast here, while our resident hummingbirds fly by and our peacocks display their beauty, is an experience not easily forgotten. Together with room 25 this would be the perfect space for a large family or a party of friends.


Ever since its opening, the unparalleled bistro-style cuisine at Café Cultura has become a legend among the local trendies and foreigners alike. The taste of freshly baked breads, home-made jams, pastries and more delight the palette of our clientele whose sense of taste and style motivates our staff to create masterpieces daily. At breakfast indulge in savories such as traditional coddled eggs, Tunisian omelette or a splendid array of exotic fresh fruit. Lunch and dinner might include such delicacies as fresh soups, the best flavours of Ecuadorian cuisine and creative plates selected from the wide variety of fresh produce displayed with such abundance in the markets. Our chef decides the daily menu with originality, always bringing new and exciting tastes and smells to satisfy your nouveau-cuisine, gourmet, vegetarian or other exotic appetites. Complimented by the appropriate drink that might include freshly squeezed fruit juices, perhaps passion fruit, papaya or the seasonal endemic fruits. Also fine wines from the South American Continent, or if your whim may prefer a classical European, are offered

Services Offered

We suggest that you get to know the different faces of Ecuador with all its variety and cultural diversity. Being one of the smallest Latin American countries Ecuador boasts variety in every sense of the word: variety of people, of cultures, of geographical distribution, of mountains, of climates and of architecture. Really we are the most diverse little country in the heart of South America. We have snow-capped mountains and beautiful beaches. We have the Galapagos Islands and the last untouched Amazon Rain Forest. We have the highlands and mountain ranges of the Andes. We have the cloud forests and sub tropical zones of the lower altitudes. We offer our guests an experience of Ecuador not quite like any you may have had before!
If you are wondering what it is like to experience colonial life, come over to Ecuador and stay with us at Café Cultura. We believe our guests are friends and we certainly treat them as such.

Policies & Restrictions

smoking in rooms

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from 59-79 USD plus 12% tax

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Agency and groups

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Laszlo Karolyi
Hotel Cafe Cultura
Cafe Cultura
Robles 513 y Reina Victoria
Quito, Ecuador 17079066


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Hotel Cafe Cultura Front view
Hotel Cafe Cultura
Quito, Ecuador Hotels & Resorts
One of the best boutique hotels in Quito

Starting at $79 Per Night/Room


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Laszlo Karolyi
Hotel Cafe Cultura
Cafe Cultura
Robles 513 y Reina Victoria
Quito, Ecuador 17079066

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