MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials

Acampo, California Motorcycle Tours

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MotoVentures offers Off-Road Motorcycle Rider Training for beginners to experts,men,women & kids every week at our Rider Training Center in Southern California, day rides and and custom Dual Sport Motorcycle Tours in So California, Arizona & Baja

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MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials: Rider Training Center, Anza Ca.

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Details of MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials, Acampo, California Motorcycle Tours
Details for MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials

Active Adventure

This service was previously called Tours, but we're simply calling it Rides now. This change is to accommodate our many customers who just want to take a day ride or take an adventure ride with us somewhere fun. We offer multi-day rides in certain areas for groups, but they are customized to their skill level, desired location, and desired dates. Multi-day ride dates are not posted on our web site and will be announced via e-mail invitations to our customers. If you don't already have a group, call us and get on our waiting list today for our next ride. For our rides, in the winter we'll head for the warmer/lower elevations of the local deserts, and in the summer we'll head for the higher/cooler elevations of the local mountains. All rides require reservations in advance.

Please review the following ride options, check your calendar, gather up a group of friends, and call us immediately to book your next off-road riding adventure today!
Option 1: Day Rides at our Private Rider Training Center
Cost: Our bike: $250 Your bike: $125
Exclusive cost: Our bike: $550 Your bike: $450 Add $250 for ea addl up to 3

MotoVentures offers day rides every week for individuals and groups at our private conveniently located 350-acre Rider Training Center in Southern California. Our unique, large, private property features many miles of fun single track trails, two fun motocross tracks, hill climbs, sand washes and wet creek trails. Day rides are for experienced riders (Level 2 skills), preferably people who have previously attended one of our dirt bike rider training courses. Available to all ages, no licenses are required, and lunch and drinks are included. Day rides are available almost every week, usually on Thursdays thru Sundays.
Option 2: Two or Three Day Rides in Southern California
Cost per day: Our bike: $395 Your bike: $285

MotoVentures offers two or three days of guided riding at the best off-road and dual sport riding areas in Southern California. This option requires a minimum of three riders and intermediate-level riding skills. We offer kid friendly tours requiring no licenses and dual sport or off-road tours for adults only. This ride features convenient travel from nearby Los Angeles, San Diego, Ontario, and Palm Springs airports. On one of these fun multi-day rides we'll cover a lot of ground and could experience elevation changes from approximately 1,000 ft to 7,000 ft in just one day. Every one of these rides is slightly different and customized to the skills and desires of each group. We'll ride everything in SoCal from vast dry lake beds to rugged rock-crawler trails. We will explore the hundreds of miles of awesome roads and trails throughout the vast Southern California Mountains and deserts.
Option 3: Multi-Day Rides in the Western U.S. and Baja
Cost per day: Our bike: $575 Your bike: $375

MotoVentures offers customized multi-day guided group rides in the American west and Baja, California, Mexico. These classic rides require five people minimum and are customized to the requirements and desires of each group. No dates are posted for these tours so give us a call and we'll try to accommodate you. With any MV overnight ride/tour, everything in included for you to have a great time. We'll start each day with a hearty breakfast, enjoy a great lunch along the way, and dine together each evening on great food. We'll stay in accommodations that are often rustic, but always very comfortable clean and quiet.

Dual sport rides in the American Southwest are for hearty adventure riders looking for a full day ride through the little known remote back roads and trails that are conveniently located in the rugged deserts and mountains of the American Southwest. Air travelers can fly and ride with many convenient major airports available. Depending on the time of year and location we can cover a lot of ground and experience many elevation changes ranging from 2,000 ft to 8,000 on any given day of riding. These tours deliver an unbeatable combination of awesome weather, riding terrain, amazing scenery, and classic western hospitality. These tours are for experienced riders with a street motorcycle operators' license.

Baja rides are for off-road riding enthusiasts who want to check off their 'bucket list' one of the premier must do rides. The only real problem with riding in Baja is you'll get so hooked on the great terrain, beautiful scenery, and exotic foreign hospitality that you'll want to come back for more. Our Baja rides cover parts of the classic routes used for annual Baja 1000 races with overnight stays in popular places with comfortable accommodations. For Baja rides, MotoVentures has teamed up with the best Baja ride guides who know exactly where to go and where not to go and also have the local knowledge, experience, equipment and personnel to support this kind of foreign expedition. NOTE: licenses are not required to ride in Baja.

Additional MotoVentures Ride Information

All rides require reservations in advance. Ride days are usually Thursdays thru Sundays. Contact us and confirm the availability of the date(s) you want. You can reserve them by phone with a Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX credit card. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a tour and a 50% deposit is required to reserve training, with the balance due 30-days prior to the ride.
Dual sport rides are for street licensed motorcycle riders with skill levels 2 and 3 (dirt novices, intermediates, advanced) and all dual sport ride participants are responsible for carrying their own current street motorcycle operator's license. Those bringing their own bikes must have a current license plate and proof of insurance.
Lodging and meals: for overnight tours lodging is double occupancy with single occupancy upgrades available. MotoVentures will pay for lodging and lunch with breakfasts and dinners paid by guests (with the exception of the Baja tour).
Ride bike requirements: Licenses are required on dual sport tours and spark arrestors are required on all bikes. Customer bikes must be safe to operate, well prepared, and functioning correctly.

Riding gear requirements: A full set of riding gear is required for all MotoVentures rides. Riding gear is available at no extra cost.
Specific ride itineraries and details will be e-mailed to you at least 30-days prior to the tour

Typical Day

On one of our Multi-Day Rides we'll start the day with a hearty breakfast. On your Tour we'll introduce you to the most fun and scenic riding in the area you chose to tour. Whether you're a novice or expert you'll log plenty of miles,see incredible sights and have the option of tackling many challenging obstacles along the way. We'll be sure to stop at all the best photo opportunities along the way including but not limited to: scenic vistas, historical landmarks,rustic lunch stops, hot springs, wildlife, remote caves, water crossings, Indian ruins, historic grave markers, abandoned mines, fishing holes, museums, trading posts, dams, etc. At the end of the trail each day, just kick off your boots, take a nice warm shower in your comfortable clean hotel room and then settle down to watch a spectacular sunset with your favorite beverage recapping the day with your new found friends. Then it's off to dinner where you'll feast on fine southwest cuisine.

Age range, type of group

We offer Rides for all levels of riders-novice, experienced and expert, groups, singles, and families-anyone who can ride. Each Ride is customized to match the level of the group.

Sleeping and meals

On our Multi-Day Rides each night after a day of riding, we stay at excellent hotels located in nearby towns and enjoy wonderful American southwest cuisine at nearby restaurants.

Policies & Restrictions

MotoVentures Anza, CA., Rider Training Center Schedules:
Hours of Operation: 8:30am to 2:00pm
2-Day Training: Thursday/Friday or Saturday/Sunday
Private Lessons: available almost any day
Weekdays: available for business groups
Training and/or Trials: available daily every week
Training for Beginners-Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 riders, and Trials riding is available every week at our Anza Rider Training Center.

All classes require advance scheduling

Other Information

MotoVentures Motorcycle Rider Training:

Seven great reasons to use MotoVentures for 0ff-Road Motorcycle Training

1) Our training curriculums
2) Our professional instructors
3) Our private ideally-suited training site
4) Our training motorcycles
5) Our riding gear
6) Our availability

MotoVentures offers our motorcycle rider training courses almost every week through-out the year for everyone who wants to learn how to ride or how to take their riding to the next level; men and women, boys and girls, and for all skill levels from beginners seeking a dirt bike school to learn to ride a dirt bike to advanced riders seeking a motorcycle coach, motocross or trials training.

Street bike riders can benefit from our dirt bike school as well. Dirt bike riding is the best way to learn how to ride or improve your overall riding skills.

1) MotoVentures seven training curriculums: 'We wrote the book on How to Ride Off-Road'

1) Level 1 (for beginners)
2) Level 2 (for novice to advanced riders)
3) Level 3 (for advanced and above riders)
4) Private Coaching
5) 2-Day Training
6) Motocross Training
7) Trials Training
MotoVentures unique training curriculums feature step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and riding exercises designed to develop sound fundamentals, build on existing skills, and increase overall control and confidence. When you attend MotoVentures dirt bike/off-road riding school you will learn valuable and practical skills that prepare you for the real world of off-road riding. You will learn skills required to conquer any terrain obstacle you may encounter such as mud, sand, rocks, down hills, logs, and ruts. We encourage practicing, and additional training is always available from us so you can continue to take your dirt bike riding to the next level. We believe in custom tailoring our dirt bike classes as much as possible to each person and group, no take it or leave it, cookie cutter courses.

We wrote the book! That's right, we wrote a new book: 'How to Ride Off-Road, Techniques for Beginner to Advanced Motorcycle Riders' available for $28 through MotoVentures and many popular book retailers nationwide.

2) Our professional instructors: 'Our quality instructors make our services superior'

MotoVentures employs only highly-qualified, expert level instructors who must pass our own strict certification process. Our instructors not only know exactly WHAT to teach, but they also know HOW to teach it and can teach anyone from a 5 year old beginner to a 25 year old expert.

Our instructors are incredibly patient, friendly, and knowledgeable with many years of riding and racing experience under their belt.

MotoVentures follows a policy of a low student per instructor ratio to ensure that everyone will receive the personal attention they need. So rest assured, choosing dirt bike training from MotoVentures you'll get the best instructors teaching the best dirt bike classes.

3) Our private riding site:

MotoVentures has our own private ideally-suited 350-acre riding paradise that has the best soil, terrain, site features, trails and tracks and weather for the best off-road motorcycle training in California. Our Rider Training Center is conveniently located in Southern California where we offer off-road motorcycle rider training every week, all year around. Our large private property is truly unique and is the largest dedicated off-road motorcycle rider training site in America.

Our property features a wide variety of challenging natural terrain to improve your dirt bike riding skills including a large unobstructed training range for new riders to safely get started and for novice and intermediate riders to take their riding to the next level. Our large areas are also excellent for exercises that include turning and braking and for advanced riders, exercises like wheelies and slides. We have two motocross tracks to practice jumping and cornering skills and over eight miles of fun and challenging single track trails.

Our property includes various hills, a long sand wash, and plenty of rocky/rough terrain areas, too. Advanced riders and trials bike riders can enjoy the more challenging terrain, where we utilize various rugged single track trails. Our property even has a wide variety of rocky trials riding terrain, which make perfect obstacles for new trials riders and challenging for expert trials riders as well.

4) Our training motorcycles: 'We use the best tools for the job of learning to ride'

MotoVentures uses Yamaha's, the best motorcycles in the world. Yamaha makes an impressive product line which includes a full range of appropriately sized, friendly, electric start, four stroke recreational dirt bikes to choose from. MotoVentures uses the Yamaha PW50, TT-R50, TT-R90, TT-R125E, TTR125L, TTR230, WR250F, WR450F, and WR250R dual sport. All MotoVentures Yamahas are in excellent condition, set up properly, and professionally maintained. They are tuned up with the correct carburetor jetting, suspension settings, and appropriate guards installed. Students can bring their own motorcycle or reserve one of our Yamaha dirt bikes to ride for the day. Rest assured, when you ride a MotoVentures motorcycle you can count it to deliver the best performance so you can concentrate on learning how to ride dirt bikes off road.

5) Our riding gear: 'We use only the best protective riding gear for our customers'

Our customers are welcome to bring their own gear, but for those without gear, we proudly offer a wide selection of high-quality, high-tech riding gear to fit everyone, kids included, from head to toe in groups of up to 25 people� and that's a lot of riding gear! This is possible because of the generosity of many great sponsors that we have including Yamaha Genuine Accessories, Fly Racing, HJC Helmets, Smith Goggles, TCX Boots, and EVS Pads. A full set of riding gear is required for our dirt bike classes and consists of: a full coverage motorcycle helmet, goggles, gloves, long-sleeve jersey, elbow pads, shoulder pads, padded pants, knee pads, socks, and boots.

6.) Our availability: 'Training is our full time job'

At MotoVentures, training is a 100% full time, year around operation, not a part time, weekend occupation. We offer training almost every week, usually on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at our conveniently located Rider Training Center in Southern California. Other dates are available as well for individuals or groups. All classes require reservations in advance.

Discounts Offered

Discounts for groups and military.

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Gary LaPlante
MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials
50250 Hwy 371
Acampo, California 92539

Phone: (877)260-MOTO
Phone: (951) 767-0991
Website: Home Page

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Your bike/our bike
Level 2 Training
Your bike/our bike
Level 3 Training
Your bike/our bike
Private Lessons
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Day Rides
Your bike/our bike
Motocross 101

Your bike

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MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials Rider Training Center, Anza Ca.
MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials
Acampo, California Motorcycle Tours
MotoVentures offers Off-Road Motorcycle Rider Training for beginners to experts,men,women & kids every week at our Rider Training Center in Southern California, day rides and and custom Dual Sport Motorcycle Tours in So California, Arizona & Baja

Starting at $125 Per Person


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Starting at
$125 US $
per Person
Gary LaPlante
MotoVentures Dirt Bike Training, Rides and Trials
50250 Hwy 371
Acampo, California 92539

Phone: (877)260-MOTO
Phone: (951) 767-0991
Website: Home Page

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