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Historic salmon cannery turned world class saltwater sportfishing resort. Guided fishing for salmon, halibut, ling cod, and red snapper aboard 25ft. heated cabin cruisers. Located on western shore of Prince of Wales Island.
Starting at: USD $3075 per trip
Active Adventure
Nothing about Waterfall is ordinary. Your adventure begins with a breathtaking flight aboard a float plane. This unforgettable journey takes you over the unspoiled Tongass National Forest, and straight towards the richest fishing grounds in North America.Before you know it the plane banks and turns and there in front of you is Waterfall Resort, on Prince of Wales Island. No other resort in Alaska offers such a rich blend of wilderness beauty, civilized pleasure, and historic heritage. From the moment you arrive you feel welcome.The neatly painted white buildings are the very same that housed the rugged crews that worked at Waterfall Cannery from nineteen-twelve to nineteen seventy eight. Now beautifully restored they provide a wealth of fine accommodations. Everything here is designed for your comfort. Instantly you start to relax. Its time to go fishing.
Typical Day
You don't have to be a fishing expert to love the fishing at Waterfall Resort. The whole family will enjoy the fresh air, spectacular scenery and the thrill of landing the biggest fish they have ever seen.The abundance of fish in these waters made the original Waterfall Cannery the most productive in the region. Today fishing for King Salmon, Cohos, Halibut, Ling Cod and Red Snapper is still second to none.Waterfall offers the largest private fleet of custom built Almar cabin cruisers in the state, all equipped with Volvo Penta diesel engines, heated cabins, air suspension seats and the latest Furuno marine electronics including fish finders, radar, and GPS. Stepping aboard your assigned boat you'll be greeted by your personal guide. It doesn't take long to get acquainted. After a short, scenic ride you reach the ideal fishing spot.The guide baits your hook and in no time the calm is broken by excited shouts of "fish on". The thrill of the catch is exhilarating and heightened even more knowing you have entered Waterfall's $100,000 King of Kings Salmon Tournament. With each cast of the line you could be the one to take home a big prize.
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4925 Cervato Way, Santa Barbara, Alaska 93111

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Waterfall Resort, Alaska

Prince of Wales, AK, USA
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The beachfront townhouse suites at Waterfall offer ultimate comfort for your stay at the resort. Each unit commands an excellent view of beautiful Ulloa Channel and distant mountains. Waterfall Resort offers three types of accommodations: Lodge rooms, Cabins, and Townhouse suites. The Lodge rooms and Cabins offer two beds and a private bath. The beachfront townhouse accommodates four guests, amenities include, kitchen, spa, fireplace, and two bedrooms.Suites feature living rooms with wood burning fireplaces, complete kitchen and dining area, a utility room with washer/dryer. There are two spacious bedrooms and 1.5 baths. The master bath features a relaxing spa tub ideal for soothing tired muscles. Suites accommodate a maximum of four guests. Perfect for families.

Sleeping and meals
Tournament: The $100,000 King of Kings Salmon Tournament is available to registered guests only. Tournament tickets should be purchased at the general store prior to your fishing activities and prizes are awarded to guests catching the biggest king salmon of the week, month, and season and the biggest silver of the month. Information on sponsors and prizes is available at the general store.

General Store/Hospitality Staff: Open 6:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Our general store provides guests with a resort information center as well as sundry items: snacks, Waterfall clothing and souvenirs, jewelry, toiletries, film and other essentials. Our liquor store stocks your favorite spirits, beer and soft drinks.Lounge/Recreation: Open from 5:00 p.m. to closing. You will find a full bar, pool table, ping pong, dart board, television and card room.

Refreshments can be billed to your room. Lobby Area: The resort manager's office, departure information, long distance phone and reading materials are all found in this comfortable room adjacent to the general store. It is also a spot to have a cup of coffee in front of our wood stove.Wake-Up Calls: If you need a wake-up call please notify the General Store staff before 9 p.m. or the bartender in the lounge area before closing. Our night watchmen will knock on your door at your requested time.

Telephones: Part of the beauty of Waterfall is that it is miles away from the constant ringing of telephones. However, should you need a phone, you will find one located in the lobby area of the lodge and 2 located near cabin #26. Calls can be made at any time using either a credit card or dialing collect.

Airline Baggage Rules: Most Airlines generally allow for two check-in luggage items at no charge as well as one or two carry-on items. You may be charged up to $50.00 a piece for any excess luggage. This rate will vary by airline, number of excess items and weight. Group members may "pool" their baggage to determine the number of pieces. You may want to check the specific baggage regulations and charges of your particular airline.

Check Out: For those guests who have charged purchases to their room from the bar or general store, please allow ample time before departure to settle your account at the General Store. We accept major credit cards for your convenience.Reservations:

Demand for the resort is extremely high. It is strongly advised that guests interested in a return stay should fill out a Repeat Guest Request Form available at the General Store.Overnight In Ketchikan or Seattle: If you will be staying overnight in either of these cities, please note each airport has freezer storage available for your fish boxes. In Seattle we can recommend a fish storage facility convenient within the airport.Alaska Airlines Agent at Waterfall: Upon arrival, please give your airline tickets to the Alaska Airlines service agent at Waterfall. The agent will take care of reconfirming your flight home, seat assignment, and tagging your luggage and fish boxes. This service helps you avoid possible airport problems later on and eliminates the check-in procedure in Ketchikan if you are making a direct connection the same day on Alaska Airlines. Planes leave the resort for Ketchikan at approximately 1:00 p.m. every day.

Policies & Restrictions
Call for info.

Other Information
Q: What are the current Fishing limits?
A: Limits are governed by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game and can change with minimal notice. Currently, per person, per day limits are; King Salmon, 1 per day maximum. 3 per year; Coho (Silvers) are 6 per day, Halibut are 2 per day, Ling Cod is 1 per day, Red Snapper are 2 per day, and Rock Fish are 6 per day.

Q: What Fishing Technique do you use? Should I bring my own equipment?
A: We have found that our Guests enjoy mooching with about a 4 oz. Banana sinker dragging a medium size cut plug herring and working the entire water column. Many of our Guides suggest that you drop down to the bottom and work back up 20-30 ft. and then “bounce” again off the bottom and work back up. It all depends upon the weather, water current, and at what depth the Fish have been biting.
Waterfall Resort provides each Guest with all the necessary Fishing gear, bait, hooks etc., to provide the Perfect Guest Experience.

Q: Will my wife and kids enjoy this type of trip?

A: Generally speaking, potential Guests should enjoy the outdoors and feel comfortable on Boats. For some, Fishing will be a new and hopefully, exciting experience. Alaska is a beautiful state and our location on the western shore of Prince of Wales Island is very spectacular as there is an abundance of wildlife to see, photograph and enjoy!
Families find that this type of vacation is different than most vacations and brings them closer together. Our Guides are trained to understand the needs of their Guests and work hard to create a memorable experience for everyone.

Q: I’m concerned about getting seasick. What can I do to help this situation?

A: If you have had an “experience” before, then you should consult your doctor,
as they may be able to prescribe something specifically for you. Many Guests who want to be cautious, as “it hasn’t happen to me knock on wood,” can get some good advice from their local pharmacist.
Certainly bring some medication along as it can’t hurt to be prepared, and once you get going, you may find that it is not necessary. Our Guides are happy to locate Fishing areas that might be calmer if conditions are a bit “bouncy.”

Q: Can I bring home the Fish I caught? How is it packaged?

A: Yes. Generally, those Guests Fishing together share their daily catch. Your Guide will provide information on how you can have your Fish cut: steak, butterfly, fillet, or whole. Our professionally trained Fish processing staff will cut and clean your Fish accordingly.
The fish will be vacuum packed and labeled with each Guest’s name and sorted to ensure that each Guest on the Boat receives a fair and average share of the day’s catch. There is information available if you wish to have your Fish smoked, canned, or mounted.

Q: What is the weather going to be like? What kind of clothes should I bring?

A: Mother Nature is hard to anticipate, but summers can be very pleasant, if not warm. Expect temperatures from the 50s to the 70s. Weather patterns can move quickly but still be pleasant unless a storm is brewing. Waterfall Resort provides comfortable Helly Hanson Waterproof Rainwear (Bib Pants, Hooded Jackets and Boots).
Dress is casual around the resort. We suggest layered types of clothing and items that are water resistant or waterproof: hooded sweat shirt, comfortable walking shoes (no leather soles as it can get slippery), jeans that are appropriate to wear while Fishing and also in the evening, or you may choose to bring your favorite Docker-type pants. Our General Store always carries a large variety of logo apparel including hats and gloves.
Don’t over pack! Stick to 1 or 2 carry-ons and 1 large suitcase, as your return trip will include Fish to take home with you!

Q: Why would I need to purchase trip insurance?

A: As a precautionary measure, and because our Guests reserve sometimes 6 to 10 months in advance, we suggest trip insurance to help defray unfortunate expenses due to medical situations that require you to cancel your trip after your payment. It can also defray any out-of-pocket expenses due to weather conditions that prevent you from traveling to Waterfall.

Q: Can we add-on other stops to our trip to Waterfall Resort?

A: Yes. It makes sense, provided that you have the time to extend your trip while in Alaska. One of the Waterfall Resort team members will be happy to help you with information and secure reservations at other destinations.

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Starting at: USD $3075 per trip

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