What is Gulet Yacht?

Traditional Turkish Gulets have been built by inspiring from the ancient Ottoman coast boats. However, in last 30 years these boats have started to be designed for blue cruises. These yachts sail through the beautiful coasts of Aegean & Mediterranean Region and have a special design with its engines and canvas for cruise. Although they have all the comfort of the modern life, it still reminds us the ancient time yachts with its high sails, esthetical design and the golden yellow handmade decoration. The unique design of the Gulets brings the comfort with it.

The other feature of Gulets is that they are built by craftsmen and they all are hand-made. In the Aegean Region they have been made of the wood of pine, chestnut, teak and mahogany trees for years in shipyards. These locally designed yachts (which have a circular shaped stern) work with both sail and engines. On the contrary of the light sail boats which are used for sport, Gullets' length of depth is not so long. With these features, Gullets are suitable for anchoring to the coasts and shallow waters. On the contrary of big ocean ships, it is easier to find the bays and missed creeks with Gulets. Small sea ports and habitats represent a very cozy life which can't be seen with the big ships. Gulets are the hotels with a full service; the only difference is to see different views from your room window all the time. Gulets -which are redesigned in accordance with the modern life needs- show variety with different shapes, different standards and different passenger capacities. Modern Gulets have all the comforts as in our houses. They all have comfortable cabins, shower, toilette, living room and sunbathing areas. Generally the poop deck of the yacht is used for a rest and having a meal. The fore deck is used for sunbathing. The decks are designed for the needs of daily life. Every yacht has a motorized boat or a boat with a paddle on the back. We have categorized our yachts as classic or standard, superior yachts, luxury, deluxe and super luxury yachts.

Classic- Standard Yachts: Mostly in all cabins there are double beds and there are also cabins which have single beds, additionally in the cabins there are wardrobe, toilette, hot and cold water and a shower which is pulled out the tap. Generally classic yachts have 3 crews and a kitchen which has the capacity and all the necessary equipments for 3 repasts in a day. Inside and outside of the yacht there are two dining areas. The comfortable sitting area on the deck, music, all safety equipments, freezer, motor-operated dinghy, fishing equipments, snorkel equipments, cushions for sunbathing are all available. In many classic yachts, electric is provided from the battery (12 or 24 volt). Only at the nights near the coast we can have 220V electric.

Superior Yachts: These are the yachts which have air conditions addition to the classic Yachts.

Luxury Yachts: Mostly in all cabins there are double beds but there are also ​some cabins which have single beds. In some of our yachts there are wider rooms which is called master cabin. Luxury yachts have full equipment. These yachts are newer than classic gullets. Addition to classic gullets, luxury gullets have air conditioner, shower cabins, better sailing gear, generator, canoe and TV in the saloon, larger bed size and additional drawers under the bed. Also in every yacht there are extra equipment.

DeLuxe Yachts: Deluxe yachts are wider and more modern than the luxury yachts. Most of our deluxe yachts have 1 or 2 master cabins. Addition to luxury and classic gullets, these yachts have newer and full sailing equipment, larger bed size, better navigation system, much more living area, in some of them wind surfing and other entertainment equipments. etc. and there are extra equipment.

Super Luxury Yachts: These gullets are the Turkey's most luxury yachts. All its cabins are master cabin and include Jacuzzi, more crew members for service, TV in every room and addition to this; super luxury yacht has very luxury equipment to satisfy its customer. Its comfort is compared to six star hotels.

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What is Blue Cruise?

'Gokova Bay lies ahead on the east cost of Bodrum. Once you arrive there, you will realize that this might be the best place you could ever see in your life. Even better than Nice or Monte Carlos. Every little bay has its own sweet smell and every part of it is precious as gold. There are jumping fishes in the sea. Mountains are covered by orange trees. You will also see 'Buhur' (Liquid Amber Styraxiflua) forests which only exist here in the world. Cliffs, island clusters and long beach covered with a golden sand lie ahead of you. There is everything you want. '

The fisherman of Halikarnas
The term was first introduced into Turkish literature by some writers, such as Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı (alias The Fisherman of Halicarnassus). The author, who had been exiled to Bodrum in 1925, fell in love with the beauty of the local landscape, with its fishing villages and sponge divers. He began taking trips with his intellectual friends on the sponge divers' sailing boats which he named 'Hurriyet' ('Freedom'). These types of boats were called gullets and these excursions became known as 'Blue Cruises'. Author Sabahattin Eyüboğlu (together with his family and friends) participated in these Blue Cruises, as Azra Erhat, who translated Homer's Iliad and Odyssey into Turkish. Those who united around the literary revue 'Yeni Ufuklar' (New Horizons) in the 1950s and 1960s have also contributed to the popularity of the Blue Cruise, and guidebooks have been published in Turkish and German.

After 1950's gullets which were used by sponge divers in old times were adapted into current conditions and these boat trips have become an alternative holiday concept which satisfies the customers with traditional and modern wooden yachts. Today in gullets, you will have the same comfort as in hotels with modern and fully equipped rooms, toilettes, kitchen, sunbathing area and resting area.

While you pass through the nature with your gullet, you will be amazed by the beauty of nature, islands and untouched bays. Lycia has thousand years of historical background and you will swim in the sea where Cleopatra was having bath.

Swimming, fishing, sunbathing, enjoying selected foods from Turkish kitchen and having a beer with your friends will make you forget your daily stresses. You will feel very peaceful and this amazing nature will heal you. After sleeping over in a bay, you will open your eyes in another bay. During your trip, you will also have chance to see the most important vacation areas in Turkey. In a short word, blue cruise is a great and unforgettable experience for you.

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Typical Day

Life on Board

You will wake up with a clean air; you will see the smoothest sea and a beautiful view. After you enjoy swimming in this peaceful sea, you will have your fresh cheese, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, olives, honey, marmalades and the other foods for breakfast. We assure you that you don't want this vacation to be finished.

Your journey will take at the longest 3 or 4 hours since we don't want you to feel tired. Subsequently, you may lie down under the sun, have some drink and read your favourite book or you may get into the sea with a snorkel in order to discover the Aegean blue waters. After your delicious lunch, you may enjoy having a nap or going for a walk in the beautiful nature. You may also want to improve your photograph skills since you will be looking at an amazing view. You may have the same happiness as Cleopatra in the bays which have antique remains. You will enjoy the sunset during your tea time. If you like, the fishes you hunt during the day will be cooked for you beside your dinner. You will hear the nice sounds of the waves and may have long conversation with your friend through the night under the sky or you can have some fun by listening music and dancing on the deck. Your chef will cook the best traditional Turkish and international foods which will be another discovery for you. Fresh fruits will always be on your table after your meals. During your blue cruise, you will see the best vacation areas of Turkey. If you like, you may shop and you may relax while you are having a cold beer and you may end up the night in a club. If you want to make your cruise more enjoyable, you can also attend our extra landing tours and see some antique cities with the fabulous nature of Turkey.

We assure you that you will have a better holiday than you expect. Please bear in mind that this is an opportunity that you would never want to miss.

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Age range, type of group

Private Yacht Charter

Yacht renting is getting more popular every year. On the contrary of the general belief, there are yachts for every price to rent. Renting a yacht with your family and friends enables you to make an
independent and private plan for your holiday. Advantages of renting a private yacht are choosing your own yacht with all required features and demands, a tailor-made route, customized food, choosing the foods for every meal. All of your personal wishes and requirements will be realized by just letting us know. Being the oldest yacht agency in Turkey and 30th year of success with high customer satisfaction rates motivate our professional team to achieve always better. You can get the best information and the high quality assistance from our Customer Representatives.

To determine your vacation and pre-approval of your reservation, below information is enough for the first step.
1- Duration: Duration of your holiday (Start and end date) or alternative dates.
2- Number of cabins you would like to have and number of persons
3- Route Preference: With the help of our experienced agents you may choose your own route and make daily route changes which would be defined before the start date of your holiday. Our captains are very experienced and professional and would be very glad to inform you about the tour details, services and the security. It is very important for them to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your
vacation. You may also choose from our available route programs and make some adjustments.

Example Routes

Bodrum Departure Routes
Marmaris Departure Routes
Greek Islands Departure Routes
Fethiye Departure Routes
Gocek Departure Routes
4- Food preference: There are 2 options.

If you would like, you can shop from market and bring all of your foods and drinks with you for the duration of your holiday.

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Sleeping and meals

Turkish and International Cuisine on Board – Food & Beverages

On board of the Gullets, the great cuisine of the Near and Middle East is offered for our guests. Turkish recipes are a fascinating mixture of Asian and Mediterranean cooking with Persian influences. Turkish food is freshly prepared and beautifully presented by the chefs of our Gullets which is not only healthy, but also very varied and tasty. We attach high importance on offering a delicious and authentic dining aboard experience which is equal or even better than the best restaurants ashore. Each day, something different is being cooked from the variety of the Turkish repertoire. Dining with a great view and under sky full of stars will make every meal a real feast for all senses.

An abundance of fruit, vegetables and salad are produced in South part of Turkey. Additionally, almonds, olives and herbs are all grown locally and naturally. Also, a selection of fresh seafood, meat,
chicken and pastries will be always on your table. You will be amazed by the variety and taste of Turkish Cuisine.

In case of any dietary restriction, our chefs will prepare special menus that would suit your special diet such as vegetarian, gluten free diet or special menu for allergies. Prior to the departure, we will send you our questionnaire where you may let us know your favorite foods and any food preference.

In case of renting a private yacht, there are 2 options for the food. If you would like, you can shop from market and bring all of your foods and drinks with you for the duration of your holiday.

To avoid planning, confliction about what to buy or waste time you may benefit from Tum Tour's special and traditional menus with extra daily expense. In our tours, food section is one of the most
appreciated fields. There are standard, luxes, deluxe and all inclusive menus.

Our prices for the menus;

Standard menu is 20 EUR daily per person,
Lux menu is 30 € (euro) daily per person,
Deluxe menu is 40 EUR daily per person
All inclusive (all local alcohol and soft drinks together with deluxe menu) is 80 EUR daily for a
Unlimited soft drinks are 10 EUR daily per person.
The minimum rate of Food is 1.000 € weekly.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for the private boat rental food menu list.

In case of cabin charter, full board is offered which is already included in the price of accommodation.
Beverages and alcohol is to be bought from the bar in the yacht.

In addition to that, TUM TOUR always takes your preferences into consideration and attaches high
importance on your opinions and food taste. We are flexible to make changes and adjustments
according to your wishes.

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Policies & Restrictions

Terms of Agreement – Yacht Charter

Private Yacht Charter (Exclusive Tailor-Made Tours)

If you would like to rent a private yacht, please read the below information carefully, fill the form which is in the reservation section and send us through e-mail or fax. Our customer service will examine your request and respond you with the most suitable answers for the tour that you wish. If we agree on all of the conditions of the tour, our customer service will send you the formal papers of the agreement. Please send us your flight details 10 days before the departure date of your tour. We can also help you with the airport transfer.

The Conditions of Renting a Private Yacht

The charterer should obey the conditions of the agreement and should respect the payment day.

The payment should be done through bank payment or cash.
The yacht must be ready and clean with all the promised qualities on the delivery day.
In case of occurring any mechanic problem during the tour, Tum Tour will eliminate the problem within 24 hours. If Tum Tour can't eliminate the problem, he commits to replace the yacht with the one which has the same qualities or with a better one.
The beginning and the end of the tour should be at the same sea port, otherwise the customers will be charged for loss of the day and diesel oil.
If the charterer wants to change the program and itinerary during the tour, the charterer shall take the permission of Tum Tour. Subsequently, the customers shall accept to be charged for the extra diesel-oil, harbor costs and etc.
The captain has right to change the route according to the sea and the weather conditions.
In case of disagreement in the conditions among the parties, Turkish Courts will be in charge.
Payment Conditions
On the day of agreement, you shall make a payment of 50% of the total bill, this payment will act as a deposit. The balance shall be paid at the latest one week before than the departure date.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Conditions:

For cancellations up to 30 days prior to your departure, the total payment will be refunded entirely.
The cancellations between 29-15 days prior to your departure, 25% of the total payment will be refunded.
For cancellations less than 15 days prior to your departure, total payment will not be refunded.
Services included in price:
The rent of the yacht, the salary and the service of the crew, diesel-oil for sailing maximum 3-4 hours daily, yacht laundry, bedclothes and towel costs, the utility water, sea-port costs, the costs for port of exit, taxes, air conditioner for 8 hours per day for the tours chosen with air conditioner.

Services not included in price:
Food, drinks, transfer, the cost of extra sailing, the cost of the sea-ports which are not in the program, land tours, tip, the cost of the territorial waters of Greek, water sportS

The Prices of Foods:
(Prices below are set as daily and for one person)

Standard menu: 20 €
Luxury menu: 30 €
Deluxe menu: 40 €
All inclusive (all local beverages): 80 €
Note: The minimum rate of Food & Beverages is 1.000 € weekly.

The Prices for Water Sports (Prices above are set as daily and for maximum 4 hour use):
The Prices of renting Zodiac, water ski, water toys, banana; 200 €
The Prices of the Greek Territorial Waters
First island; 700 €
Every next island; 500 €

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Other Information

Other Activities

There are many activities which can make your blue cruise more entertainment and excited.

Canoe: All Tum Tour Gullets have at least one canoe.

Snorkeling: All Tum Tour Gullets have enough snorkels and flippers for their guests. If you can giveus your flipper numbers before your blue cruise, we can check them in your yacht and can complete the missing numbers. You will discover the beauty under Aegean and Mediterranean Sea during your voyage.

Fishing: All Tum Tour Gullets have enough amateur fishing equipment. Fishing yourself and eating them with your drink is one the most enjoyable side of your blue cruise.

Barbeques (BBQ): If you like making barbeques, fish, meats and vegetables will be much tastier with the barbeque on your yacht.

Best Restaurants: Tum Tour Staff can make your reservation for well-known and best restaurants in towns and villages which your route contains.

Night Clubs: Turkish night life is one of the best in the world and if your route contains one of the major touristic towns of Turkey like Marmaris or Bodrum, Tum Tour can make your reservation in well-known and secured night clubs.

There are also many other activities with additional cost as below:

Water Sports: We can provide for you water ski, wake board and all kind of water toys. Water ski and water toys are extra accessories and available for daily 200 € (euro) for maximum 4 hours use per day. Price is exclusive of fuel cost.

Windsurfing: Since a windsurf have many parts and it is very easy to lose one of them, many gullets don't have windsurfs. But Tum Tour can organize windsurf renting for you.

Diving: Scuba-diving in Turkish waters is allowed only under the guidance and supervision of a licensed diving guide. We can make your reservation in daily diving boats if your route contains one of the major touristic towns of Turkey like Marmaris or Bodrum.

Land Excursions: Combining your cruise with a land tour of Turkey will make it a perfect holiday. Tum Tour can organize many different land excursions for you. These land excursions change according to your route choose. All Land tours are possible with every interest covered. Historical sites like Dalyan, Xanthos, Tlo…, ruins, nature reserves like Caunos Iztuzu beach, Saklikent, village tours, Rafting on Dalaman River, Turkish baths, jeep safaris… are some of the delights awaiting you. Our tours are private and we do not combine other parties.

Trekking & Hiking: Can be organized in most of the routes in combination with blue voyage but only with a guide.

There are many other activities which Tum Tour Professional Team can organize for your dream holiday such as Professional Massage, Turkish Night with belly dancer, Film Watching Night and Guitar Night on your yacht.

Our Customer Representatives will be more than happy to help you with your requirements.

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