Active Adventure
Come an experience the thrill of skydiving at the worlds most scenic drop zone. It is fun, it's fast and designed to give you the thrill of skydiving while keeping stress and anxiety to a minimum. You will be attached securely to one of our highly skilled and fully licensed "Tandem Masters" who will guide you through your experience. You and your instructor will climb to an altitude of over 10,000 ft. and then leap from the plane traveling at speeds of more than 120mph! After opening your parachute, your instructor will fly you around the island and land you softly at our drop zone located just walking distance from the beaches of the high rise hotels. Come and experience the thrill of a lifetime. Skydive...You've always wanted to!
Typical Day
After reserving your skydive with us. We will pick you up in our Skydive Aruba Van, and transport you and your instructor to the airport. After a brief moment of instruction we will place a harness on you, and you and your instructor will ride in our plane to 10,000ft. You and your instructor will then leap from the plane experiencing the thrill of free fall! After opening your specially designed parachute for two, you will fly around the island and we will land you softly at our drop zone located across the street from the beaches.
Age range, type of group
Keep in mind, skydiving is a high risk sport, you should be in good physical shape. There is no age limit, however height and weight restrictions do apply: Your safety is our number one concern.
We encourage you to bring people with you, we do offer discounts for large groups.

Sleeping and meals
You should eat something light before your jump,skydiving is not like a roller coaster ride, but the adrenaline rush on an empty stomach could cause nausea.
Wear comfortable clothing such as tennis shoes. Try to avoid collard shirts.

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