Gorilla trekking safaris

This mid range itinerary gives everything that the standard 10 day safari in Uganda itinerary does, but with a little more consideration for the budget traveler in terms of accommodations. The itinerary includes visits to 4 National Parks, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Lake Mburo National Parks. In the rain-forests of Kibale Forest there will be the two opportunities to trek for the chimpanzees. Trekking twice allows for the observations of the chimpanzees during a different section of their daily lives, once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Game drives and a shared boat trip on the Kazinga channel whilst at Queen Elizabeth National Park will reward your senses with the sights and sounds of the open Savannah and lush grasslands of this spectacular wildlife reserve. The highlight of the safari is a hike in the Bwindi forests in search of the rare mountain gorilla. An hour spent with one of the habituated gorilla families will provide a lifetime of memories. You will watch the infants and juveniles tumble and play alongside their mothers and as your eyes spot the shining back of the mighty Silverback the hairs on your arms tingle as the excitement mounts and you realize the opportunity which you have been given to share this experience with your fellow trekkers and this incredible apes.
Typical Day
(Day One) To Murchison Falls National Park 311kms

Entebbe International Airport
Early morning we will pick you from the hotel or guesthouse of your choice and take you to Murchison Falls. We will stop for lunch in Masindi and then drive for 90 kms through the park, aiming for Paraa. On the way we will visit the Top of the Falls, with a wonderful view over Murchison Falls and the Nile. We will reach Paraa late in the afternoon, and Luxury Tour participants will cross the Nile by ferry to reach Paraa Safari Lodge. For Budget tour clients we do not pass Masindi, ""We will stop at Ziwa Rhinos Sanctuary for tracking the Rhinos and also have Lunch here before contuining via Karuma Bridge to reach later in the afternoon at Fort Murchison just outside the park boundaries."" The day will close With a cool drink and a fabulous view over the river Nile, and the evening coming with all the noise of an African night.

Driving time: ± 7,5 hours
Simple accommodation: Fort Murchison (our own new accommodation)
Luxury Tour: Paraa Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge
Meal Plan: Lunch, Dinner

Day Two In Murchison Falls NP
The day will be spent viewing game around the park and along the Nile. We will leave early in the morning (if staying at Nile Safari Lodge or Red Chilli Paraa we will cross the Nile with the ferry at 7.00am) and go on a game drive from 8.00am to 12.00noon, seeing several animals including lions and giraffes. In the afternoon (2.00pm to 5.00 pm) we will go on the impressive launch trip on the Nile, up to the Falls, giving you a chance to see hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants and many many different birds!

Simple accommodation: Red chilli
Luxury Tour: Paraa Safari Lodge or Nile Safari Lodge
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(Day Three) To Kibale forest 329kms

Tea estate Kibale forest

Early in the morning we will leave for Kibale Forest. We will pass close to Lake Albert: on a clear day the view from the top of the Albert rift is spectacular. In the afternoon we will arrive at Kibale Forest Camp, where we will stay sleeping with the noises of the tropical rainforest. Sometimes we stay at Chimpanzee Guesthouse, overlooking Nyabikere Crater Lake, where we will stay. The lake is famous for the frogs: at night they always give a beautiful concert.

Driving time: ± 9 hours
Budget Accommodation: Kibale Forest Camp or Chimpanzee Guesthouse/Bandas
Luxury Tour: Ndali Lodge or Primate Lodge Kibale
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(Day Four) Chimpanzee Forest walk

Kibale forest Chimpanzee
At 8.00am we will start with the 4 hour chimp walk - during which you may also get to see 10 other primates! Kibale park is also known for all the butterflies and birds. In the afternoon we will walk through Bigodi Swamp (home to a community based project).

Budget Accommodation: Kibale Forest Camp or Chimpanzee Guesthouse/Bandas
Luxury Tour: Ndali Lodge or Primate Lodge Kibale
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(Day Five) To Queen Elizabeth National Park

Drive to Bwindi Forest
Early morning we will leave for Queen Elizabeth NP. We will travel through Fort Portal and reach Mweya in Queen Elizabeth NP at midday, with a stunningly beautiful view over Kazinga Channel. You will check in at your accommodation and have lunch, and in the late afternoon (4.00-7.00pm) we will go on a game drive.

Driving time: ± 6,5 hours
Budget Accommodation: Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge (eco friendly self-conatined tents)
Luxury Tour: Mweya Safari Lodge or Jacana safari Lodge
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(Day Six) In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Gorilla tracking in Bwindi forest Uganda
This day is for a game drive on the plains of Queen Elizabeth NP, with thousands of Ugandan kobs, lions, elephants etc. Also on the programme is a two hours launch trip on the Kazinga channel where we will see all the animals from the waterside. In the evening we will go on a game drive to the mating grounds of the Uganda Kobs. The day ends back at Mweya peninsula, enjoying a great view of the park.

Budget Accommodation: Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge (eco friendly self-conatined tents)
Luxury Tour: Mweya Safari Lodge or Jacana safari Lodge
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(Day Seven) To Kisoro

Uganda safaris
Early in the morning we will leave for Kisoro. We will travel via Kabale and continue through a beautiful landscape also defined as the "Switzerland of Africa": mountains, lakes, hills with cultivated terraces, tropical rainforest and bamboo forest. On the last hill the landscape unfolds beneath us, taking in the vast planes between Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, with the Virunga volcanoes dominating the view. At the bottom of the valley is Kisoro, where we will stay at the famous Travellers Rest Hotel.

In the sixties the famous American ‘gorilla-woman’ Dian Fossey visited the Travellers Rest Hotel many, many times to do paperwork, relax or meet people. Fossey said about the hotel: "It was my second home". Travellers Rest Hotel is just outside Kisoro and offers a cozy stay for the tourists coming to see the endangered mountain gorilla. The hotel, built in a somewhat colonial style, and entirely renovated in 1999, has a comfortable ambiance.

Driving time: ± 8 hours
Budget Accommodation: Travellers Rest Hotel Kisoro
Luxury Tour: Travellers Rest Hotel Kisoro (Suite Room)
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(Day Eight) Gorilla Tracking

Lake Mburo safari
The day of Gorilla tracking (NB: this can also be on Day 9 depending on the availability of the permits)
You will travel by car from Travellers Rest Hotel in Kisoro to Nkuringo, in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP (1hr), or to Mgahinga National Park (40min). Once there you will first receive a briefing (7.45am) and at 8.30am you will start the tracking. Once you have found the gorillas, you will be able to spend up to one hour with them! You will be expected back to the starting point by 7.00pm at the latest. Being physically fit is recommended.

Clients who wish to trek in Rwanda will spend the night of Day 7 in Rwanda (Kinigi Guesthouse if on simple accommodation, Gorilla Nest Lodge for luxury tours), and after tracking on this day you will cross back to Kisoro.

Accommodation: Travellers Rest Hotel Kisoro
Luxury Tour: Travellers Rest Hotel Kisoro (Suite Room)
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

(Day Nine) In Kisoro

Safari in Uganda
Day 9 will be spent in and around Kisoro, with Travellers Rest Hotel as the home base.

In Kisoro we have developed a number of very interesting activities in close collaboration with local organizations and the National Park. All the activities can be done individually or in groups. They include:

1. Gorilla tracking in Mgahinga (1 day). NB: the gorilla in Mgahinga move around so the Uganda Wildlife Authority doesn't sell permits in advance - you have to take your chance once you are in Kisoro.
2. Gorilla tracking in Rwanda. NB: if you are going for the 2nd gorilla trek in Rwanda you will be transferring to Rwanda on day 8 after trekking in Uganda, and spend a night there. After the trekking you will cross back to Kisoro (1 day).
3. Climbing Muhavura Volcano (± 8 hrs; distance 12km; height 4127m; elevation gain 1700m).
4. Climbing Gahinga Volcano (± 6 hrs; distance 8km; height 3474m; elevation gain 1100m).
5. Visit to Sabinyo Gorge (± 4 hrs; distance 6km, no elevation gain).
6. Climbing Sabinyo Volcano (Sabinyo has three peaks, you can climb all three in the same walk, but you need to be fit!! ± 8 hrs; distance 14 km; height 3669m, elevation gain 1300 m).
7. Hiking in Mgahinga to the viewpoint and Garama Cave (pygmy cave) (± 4 hrs; distance 1 and 4 km).
8. Bird walk in Mgahinga (start at 10am, it can last until 4-5pm).
9. Cultural village walk (with a local guide walking through the land of the Bufumbira tribe)
10. Walk to Lake Mutanda. Visit Python island and go canoeing on this beautiful lake.
11. Batwa Trail:-
It starts at the base of Mt Muhavura at 8.00 am and finishes by 3-4 pm. You'll need walking shoes, hat, and raingear, and a packed lunch with sufficient drinks.
The Batwa Trail runs across the lower slopes of the Muhavura and Gahinga volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The forest is home to a variety of wildlife but the Batwa Trail is far from being a conventional nature walk. With the help of Batwa guides, you'll see the forest as a larder, pharmacy, builder's yard, tool kit and, above all a home. Along the trail, you'll fire a bow and arrow, check hives for wild honey, help repair a Batwa shelter, harvest plants for medicine and food, light a fire without a matches, listen to legends and learn about Batwa traditions.
The highlight of the trail is a descent into the Garama cave, a 200m-long lava tube beneath Mt. gahinga. The Batwa are famed for their music and dance and their historic, subterranean council chamber in Garama Cave provides the setting for an unforgettable performance.
The Batwa trail is celebration of the forest culture of the "'first people."It is impossible, however, to ignore the fact that Batwa life has greatly changed. The day's events conclude with a discussion about the Batwa's current situation; how it can be improved; and progress to date towards doing so.
12. Or just sit and relax or read a book in the garden of Travellers Rest Hotel!

Accommodation: Travellers Rest Hotel Kisoro
Luxury Tour: Travellers Rest Hotel Kisoro (Suite Room)
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day Ten: Back to Kampala

Early in the morning after breakfast you will travel back to Kampala. On the way back to the city you will have lunch in Mbarara town, and after Masaka there will be an opportunity to a stop at the Equator for photo shoots and buying souvenirs and have tea or coffee. We will then bring you to a guesthouse, campsite or hotel of your choice in Kampala or Entebbe - or, if you continue your holiday somewhere else or back home, we will bring you directly to Entebbe airport for an onwards flight.

Driving time: ± 9 hours
Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch
Age range, type of group
From Age 15years to 75years.
Groups from 5people to 100people

Sleeping and meals
Safari cottages, Safari tents

Policies & Restrictions
3 day Uganda Gorilla Safari
3 day Murchison Falls Safari
3 day Queen Elizabeth Tour
3 day Lake Mburo Tour
3 day Kibale forest safari
4 day Kidepo valley visit
7 day safari to Uganda
Ishasha is the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national park
This 7 days hightlight safari in Uganda is theideal combination of experiencing Uganda's wildlife, Gorillas and scenery! From the whistling canopy of KIbale forest to the vast savannah of Queen Elizabeth game reserve to the impenetrable forest of Bwindi where mountain gorillas dwell!
Day 1 Drive from Kampala to Kibale Forest area
Departing from Entebbe Airport you will be with an expert guide who will provide knowledge and assistance throughout your journey. Bound for the west of Uganda you pass the historic town of Fort Portal before continuing to Kible forest. You are brought to the lodge of your budget

" We were just astounded by the beauty of Uganda as a country and the genuine friendliness of its people. All of the places which you arranged for us to stay at were more than we expected " we were made to feel extremely welcome at every opportunity."
Day 2 Kibale forest Walk Chimpanzee tracking and Bigodi Swamp walk
Spend the morning tracking the exuberant chimp families in the Kibale forest. Tracking chimpanzees in their natural habitat, as they swing from the branches in the canopy high above the forest floor, is a thrilling experience. Though they can be difficult to spot, you will be in no doubt of their presence as the forest is alive with their noisy calls. In the afternoon, explore the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. The reserve is abundant with butterflies, plants, animals and, in particular, birds. Spectacular birds like Great Blue Turaco and rare Papyrus Gonolek will be of great interest to birders. The swamp is also home to more elusive animals such as Red Colobus monkeys and Sitatunga antelope. There is also the opportunity to visit local community projects that have been financed by tourism. In the evening enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the terrace with its stunning views.
Day 3 Queen Elizabeth National park
Depart for Queen Elizabeth National Park. On route, take a short walk in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains and take in the views of this magnificent mountain range. Alternatively drive straight to the park and take a game drive. What you see depends on the season, but the Kasenyi plains are excellent for sighting lion and large herds of Uganda kob. The Mweya peninsula offers excellent game drives with magnificent views across the water to the Rwenzori Mountains. Mweya is one of the best places to look for leopard, which live in the dense, scrubby thickets.
Day 4 Exploration Kyambura Gorge and Boat ride
The Kyambura Gorge is an extraordinary natural environment and forms a stark contrast to the surrounding grasslands. here you can track one of our closest animal relatives, the chimpanzee. The chimp population is quite mobile and viewing can be unpredictable but the walk itself is enchanting. In the afternoon take a cruise on the Kazinga Channel, which flows between Lakes Edward and George. Kazinga is home to one of the greatest concentration of hippo in Africa and herds of elephant, buffalo and other animals come to drink at the waters edge. The channel is a magnet for waterbirds, with great flocks of pelicans and others birds on the shore, and a great spot to see African fish eagle.
Day 5 Bwindi forest national park
Your safari now continues to the primeval Bwindi forest best known for Gorilla safari, mountain gorilla safari, gorilla tours, gorilla trek, mountain gorilla tours, gorilla trekking, gorillas safaris, gorilla safari packages, gorilla tracking, gorilla treks. Travelling via Ishasha - subject to road conditions - you can observe the unusual behaviour exhibited by the tree-climbing lions. The long journey through the rapidly changing landscape takes you to Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge, which looks across to the towering trees of the forest. Depending on when you arrive, there maybe time to explore the lodge grounds with its clear mountain stream or visit the local village.
Day 6 Gorilla tracking Experience
After enjoying an early breakfast, you set off gorilla tracking. Trekking through the steep, densely forested hills and then finally coming across the gorillas camouflaged in the vegetation is an inspiring and privileged moment. Tracking in the Bwindi forest requires stamina and can often take most of the day. Alternatively there are other activities and excursions on offer in and around the national park:
Take a guided walk in the rainforest, home to several endemic bird species, clouds of butterflies and rare plant life. This walk offers excellent photographic opportunities and the knowledgeable guide will provide a great insight into this globally important habitat.
Walk through the local village, and learn about community projects, such as the Amagara project that assists local farmers and their communities, and Bwindi Community hospital which started as a health clinic under a tree and now provides vital medical and educational services to over 60,000 people.
Discover the traditions of the Batwa Pygmies, and learn about the native tribal inhabitants of the forest. The indigenous people of Bwindi forest, though no longer resident in the forest, still practice many of their traditional hunter-gatherer skills.
Day 7 Return to Kampala and/or Entebbe
With an early start, set off back to Kampala and enjoy the views of rolling hills and farmland. Stop for lunch en route before arriving back in Kampala in the late afternoon. Return to your hotel or transfer to the airport in time for your return flight .(B,L)
Quotes (Based on Luxury and/or Midrange Lodges)
* From $2,860 per person Sharing a double-room (Mid-range)
* From $3, 560 per person Sharing a double-room (Luxury)
* We need 2 people to run this Safari

* Travellers are supposed to reach Entebbe on the tour starting day before 8 am and leaving from the same airport at the end of the tour after 8 pm. If these times can't be respected then 1 or 2 days should be calculated for the overnight in Kampala.
* Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to see chimpanzees. Kibale NP offers small walks of 1 or 2 hours followed by creative activities.
* Gorilla trekking is not allowed to anyone under 15 years of age.
* Prices for private safari. No extra passengers added.
* All prices are VAT included.
* Prices are in United States dollars (USD).
* Gorilla permits are available booking at least 6 months before the departure date.

Booking Terms
* At the moment of booking a deposit of the 40% of the total amount is due.
* Bookings must be made at least 60 days before the date of departure.
* Steady Safaris Ltd reserves the right to don't accept bookings made less than 60 days prior the date of departure.
* Full payment has to be made not less than 30 days before the departing date of the tour.
* If the full amount is not paid in due time, Steady Safaris Ltd reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled.
* Cancellations: 60 days prior to departure date of the tour, full refund of deposit; between 60 and 30 days, refund of 50% of deposit; less than 30 days, no refund.
* Gorilla permits are non-refundable.

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