Active Adventure
Paddling kayak or canoes in tidal waters of the Altamaha River Estuary requires a little prior paddling skills but does require easy paddling for a minimum of 2-3 hrs. Some of the time it will be in open waters so proper skin and eye protection should be used [ hats, sunscreen ]. Insects are always present but minimal while paddling.
Typical Day
The 'tide waits for no one' is a motto that serves us well in the estuary with up to 9 plus tides. With this in mind, all trips are arranged around the high/low - incoming or outgoing - tides. Paddling through tidal fresh water and brackish water allows a wide variety of nature. The best place for photo ops and just enjoying being amongst this beautiful natural area.
Age range, type of group
Good for all ages.

Sleeping and meals
Camping in the estuary can be wonderful if prepared. Seasonal variations are wide from HOT to cool - rarely freezing . The city of Darien has a few good restaurants one of which is at the landing - Skippers. The other of note is BnJ's a couple blocks from the waterfront on 17

DO NOT bring dogs. Alligators are present throughout the area including beaches...

Darien's old Jail is now an art gallery and is walking distance from the landing. There are a couple of old cemeteries in Darien that date back to the 1700's. Ft King George Historical site is within a mile and across the estuary is the Hofywll plantation with a great tour of the farmhouse and contents. North end of the county is Harris Neck Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. The BEST birding place for many miles around. Nearby is the Fish Dock restaurant. Great place to eat and enjoy fresh seafood.

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