Our wildlife safaris in Knight Inlet view Grizzly Bears while they fish for salmon(Aug 25-Oct. 17) and wander and graze on the beaches (Late May-Mid August). Often there will be a few very large ones as well as mothers with this years cubs. You will also see Black Bear on the beaches as well as Orca, feeding on salmon, Humpback Whales chasing the herring, Bald Eagles feeding next to your boat, Dolphins playing with you and your safari boat and noisy fat Sea Lions barking on the rocks. This will be a trip you'll never forget!
Typical Day
Arrive via sea plane from Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. Get settled. View Black Bears. Gourmet dinner. Rise 7 AM, Breakfast, then off to your safari boat [only 2-4 guests per guided boat]. First day to our Grizzly Bear river to watch their antics. Picnic lunch. Return to lodge late afternoon. Gourmet dinner.
Second day to our sea mammals - Orca, Humpback, Dolphins, Sea Lions and more. Picnic lunch. Return 3 PM to catch sea plane back to Campbell River. Overnight hotel stay [included] [Short Trip].
Third day - boat to our wild river. Travel in truck to viewing area. View Grizzlies and Black Bears and explore this magnificent valley. Picnic lunch. Return to lodge to catch late afternoon sea plane back to Campbell River. Overnight hotel stay [included]. [Longer Trip].
Age range, type of group
Most of our guests are couples, groups and familys traveling Late June-October. In July and August we entertain many family trips while kids are on vacation. We accept all children as there is lots to amuse them. We also have a few singles over the season. There is very little exertion or hiking required so older guests are very comfortable with the trip. The extra day on the longer trip is a bit more difficult.

Sleeping and meals
Our lodge has 3 guest rooms, 2 with 2 twin beds, personal bathrooms. Family room which has a queen size bed and adjoining room with 2 twins. Also has its personal ensuite. There are 3 all-purpose bathrooms. We also have a beachfront cabin with ensuite.
Our food is famous in our area - Gourmet without any flash. We feature fish, crab, prawns and meat dishes. We can accommodate special diets as well.

Policies & Restrictions
No pets.
No smoking in the lodge.
90 Day prior to arrival cancellation policy

Other Information
Our Seasons:
Low Season July1 - " July31" Grizzly Bear viewing is done primarily by boat in the estuary and lower river. We enjoy a high success rate finding Grizzly Bears although number of bears tends to be a bit lower as the berries are ripening in the forest and the salmon have not yet arrived. On a 4 night trip we explore another river area by truck and on foot. By the last week of July there are usually salmon arriving in this river and we are sometimes lucky to watch the bears attempting to catch the early salmon. Humpbacks are plentiful and the resident Orca usually show up in early July. Weather is usually good with cloudy mornings and breezy sunny afternoons.

Shoulder Season May 25 - " June30 " Grizzly Bear viewing is done by boat in the river estuary. The bears are feeding on sedge grass and on shellfish at low tide. The bear viewing is very reliable as the berries are not yet ripe so the bear’s main food source is in the estuary. It is also mating season which means we see large males more often. Black bears are plentiful this time of year. Humpback whales are available, although the Orca generally have not arrived yet. Weather is usually good and the areas are rarely crowded.

Shoulder Season " Aug 1 - " Aug24 " Grizzly Bear viewing is done by boat in the estuary and lower river. We view the bears feeding on shellfish and sedge grass. Salmon are usually starting to arrive and we are often lucky to view the bears chasing fish in the lower river. On a 4 night trip we explore another river by truck and on foot. There are usually lots of salmon in this area at this time and we often are able to view bears feeding on them. Humpback and Orca viewing is usually excellent. Weather is good with foggy mornings and sunny afternoons being the norm.

High Season - Aug 25 - " Oct15 " Grizzly viewing is primarily done from viewing platforms. This is the time of year to view the grizzlies feeding heavily on the salmon. Our upriver platforms are located in prime pink salmon spawning areas and bear numbers are usually excellent. On the 4 night trip we explore another river area by truck and foot. Bears are usually spread out, busy feeding on the plentiful salmon. Humpback and Orca viewing is excellent, although the resident Orca generally leave the area by the end of September. Weather in September is great. By October things cool off and the weather becomes less reliable although this varies year to year.

We provide you with a "Cruiser Suit" and rubber boots on arrival - to keep you warm and dry.
Wine at dinner is included.

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